Before booking for the first time, please complete our referral form which will need to be signed by you and then completed by your veterinary surgeon, to ensure that hydrotherapy is suitable for your dog. Your dog can still receive treatment even if your vet has not suggested it. Simply speak with your vet and ask them if they would be willing to refer your dog for hydrotherapy. The majority of vets are very supportive and willing to give consent if it is appropriate for your dog’s condition and for fun swims too.

You can either download a Referral Form or we could email a copy direct to your veterinary practice.  Once the form has been completed and signed by you and your vet, it can either be posted or emailed back to us and we will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

We will also require confirmation and sight of the dog’s vaccination certificate prior to commencement of treatment.   Sorry but dogs will not be treated without up-to-date vaccination records.

We are National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH) members – Insurance Company Approved, so please check with your insurance company as they may cover the cost of hydrotherapy.

We will work closely with your vet and are happy to provide regular records of the treatment your dog has received with us, either to your vet and/or your insurance company if necessary.

Please see our terms and conditions on the back of the referral form or click here