Hydrotherapy sessions usually last half an hour in total, the swim time will however vary according to your dog’s condition, needs and ability. At the initial consultation it is likely that your dog will only spend a short time in the water.

On arrival we will perform a health check on your dog and ask you some questions about their health and what you are looking to achieve at the sessions.

For the first appointment you will need to bring your dog’s vaccination certificate.

Treatment in pool£28.00
Fun or puppy swim£25.00
NB There is a 5% discount for block bookings of 10 or more sessions, payable in advance

For hygiene reasons, we will shower your dog prior to the swim to check their coat and skin before entering either the pool or the treadmill for their hydrotherapy session.

Following the treatment we will then shower your dog again to remove the chlorinated water and then the dog will be towelled off and, if requested, dried with a blaster.  Please remember to bring your own dog towel with you.

During colder weather you might want to provide a warm coat for your dog to keep their muscles warm following exercise.